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About tarGET-X

Why does tarGET-X exist?

The punk band NOFX gave the perfect answer in one of their albums "Punk In Drublic": the cause - we are doing it for the cause.

tarGET-X is still following the spirit expressed in the very first archived version <meta name="Description" content="This page was created to help myself, may it help you now!"> .


The Wayback Machine browses through 55 billion web pages archived from 1996. Kudos to David Crossley that told me about this awesome service. The first version of tarGET-X was archived on Apr 19, 2001. I can remember using a simple text editor when writing this page and it took me ages and many earlier versions. I actually started 1994/1995 to get in touch with the "internet" and its services.

Original idea

The original idea of this site is to be a service broker. Allowing me and the user to create personalized methods for often contacted web services. The user can continuously adopt changing needs by customizing this methods chosen to contact the service provider.


The X in tarGET-X stands for a continuously variable. Back in school my math teacher was mostly using x for defining variables and she always wanted to know the unknown. Services are comparable with mathematic functions (let us call them targets). One can change different properties of a target and the resulting x has a different value. For example if you look up the word “target” in google you will get a different result then then in leo (German/English online dictionary) . Depending which service you use you get a different result. The intention to turn to this project and its services is determined by the user of the site. We will try to find out what the problem of the user is and which services we can offer her to solve this problem. tarGET-X is trying to help you to connect to the right service.

About Thorsten Scherler

Thorsten Scherler got involved into open source and web development while he studied Business Administration in the university of Paderborn, Germany. Writing his last university work for BA about the open source project Wyona CMS in the year 2001 and getting closer involved into this community, he decided to extend his studies with a second degree in Business Computing. In his studies of BC he concentrated on Web-Based Systems (WBS) and IT-Consulting (ITC). After this second degree (2003) he moved to Sevilla, Spain and started work as a professional open source developer. He is now working as COO Spain for Wyona.

Privat background

University background

University of Paderborn, Germany

  • Master in Business Administration (until 2001)
  • Master in Business Computing (until 2003)

University of Otago, New Zealand

  • Exchange student in Business Administration and Physical Education (1998-99)

Professional background

Sevilla, Spain

Open source background

  • First open source project - Wyona CMS (2001 )
  • Apache Lenya committer and PMC member (2002)
  • Apache Forrest committer and PMC member (2003)

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